"What I love about the Gers, the region where I live; is the changes in season, the shifting variations in the colour of the land, the rolling hills and ancient woodland, as well as the hedgerows full of wild plants and flowers.

The medium of clay provides the perfect material in which to express my thoughts and ideas about the wonder of the wildness around us. Vase, platters and individual sculptures are hand built using a variety of techniques but slab building is core.

I impress rolled clay with plants, found objects and blocks that I have carved by hand, cut and then assembled. Colours are applied in many layers using slips, liquid wax and paper as resist and then oxides to enhance textures and plant forms. All my work is made from grogged stoneware and fired to 1260°c."

Clay responds to the environment in a very direct way. It can take on impressions, is sensitive to mark making, it bends and stretches, changes to a thick paint-like consistency with the addition of water or cracks and shrinks with the application of heat. It is elemental and geological and therefore is the perfect medium to reflect nature in all it’s states.


Work will be fired and posted to students at a small additional cost.


Through the exploration of textures and mark making we will create slabs and tiles which can then be used in the print- making studio. Through the creation of collograph blocks we will impress clay and use the textured slabs to build forms in response to the landscape. We will also look into the properties of liquid clay and experiment with different applications such as paper resist, scraffito and sponging.

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