fine art

Nature's canvas, filled with organic forms, textures and colours are what inspire and inform my work and my teaching.

This rural part of France has abundant beauty - vast and sweeping, as well as tiny and intricate. Wild flowers and grasses,

fields full of corn, wheat and sunflowers. Insects and birds. Inspiration is everywhere you look! I have not lived in France as long as Mollie, so I am still like an excited child when I discover new wild flowers, grasses or unusual little treasures. 

My enthusiasm for my environment infuses the creative work I do. I love working with different mediums, both individually and combined. I am fascinated by how different mediums work together. 


On this 5 day retreat, I will begin by helping you to explore and record what excites you.  From the tiniest treasures - little pods, petals and seeds - to the vast landscape of rolling hills and majestic mountains on the horizon. We will look at what mediums could enhance your choice of subject matter. Our next step is play and experimentation!  Finally, we will transcribe our findings into some beautiful works of art. This will include combining clay work from Mollie's studio into various forms of  printmaking.



In our sketchbooks, we will record our finds, both large and small, through drawing and colour exploration; sketching and notes. Back in the studio we will have an array of different mediums available to work with and combine.


Using resist methods with wax and paint, inks, collage layering and finally - printmaking.  You will have space and time to experiment and play with different mediums, and a vast choice of ways to work and final outcomes.

We will take the textures and impressions you have created with the clay from Mollie's studio, and we may print directly from the clay, or combine them with more two-dimensional work. We will explore colour and form to create monoprints, collages and collagraphs that resonate with our surroundings. 

I will help you to capture your chosen treasures and transcribe them into your work. with your chosen mediums.

You will be taking home some beautiful reflections of the French countryside and some wonderful memories to keep forever!  


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