Fine-Art & Ceramics in the South of France.


Half-day Retreats

Day Retreats

September Residential Retreat

Kate and Mollie are two artists living in the beautiful, unspoilt rolling landscape of the Gers, a rural department nestling at the foot of the Pyrenees. Kate specialises in Mixed Media and Mollie is a Ceramicist, both are renowned artists as well as good friends. They share a passion for Art, the landscape and sharing their combined knowledge.


They invite you to a choice of Creative Retreats ~ Morning, One-day, or the very special September week-long Retreat.

Each one a wonderful immersion into creative exploration.

All of the Retreats are based on the principles of experimentation and  playful investigation. Through the techniques of Mixed Media, Print Making and Ceramics they have designed a course that allows individuals to explore nature in a very elemental and material based way. Mixing print with clay, ink with bleach, paint with pastels and collage with charcoal, prepare to fill your sketchbooks with

the beautiful and the unexpected.